The Askew Sisters - the acclaimed English Folk Duo making waves on the folk scene with their energetic brand of English folk music

The Askew Sisters and Craig Morgan Robson: The Axford ive WGS364CD

Buy onlineA joint CD project celebrating songs collected by George Gardiner from five Hampshire women at the turn of the century.
  1. The Gypsy Laddie
  2. He Was Under My Window
  3. Long Lankle
  4. Down in Fleet Street
  5. Bold William Taylor
  6. Lord Derwentwater
  7. An Old Man Came Courting Me
  8. The Lowlands of Holland
  9. Abroad as I was walking
  10. Beautiful Nancy
  11. Tarry Trousers
  12. Down the Lane
  13. A Famous Farmer
  14. Sweet Lovely Joan
  15. The Trooper's Horse

Emily Askew: voice, fiddle
Hazel Askew: voice, melodeon, harp
Moira Craig: voice
Sarah Morgan: voice
Carolyn Robson: voice
Recorded & Produced by Doug Bailey at WildGoose Studios»
© Wildgoose Studios

The Axford Five
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